It is indeed a delight to see wooden furniture and wooden carvings adorn our homes, as they add beauty and creative touch. Carving wood is a skill that can only be mastered with experience and Telangana state is blessed with the expertise of several craftsmen, adept in making some of the best and finest wooden panels.

These panels are used widely for divine and puja purposes as well as to place the pictures of departed ones in our homes, temples, ashrams, offices and other places. In this regard, the town of Nizamabad is well known for its association with cut work panels, made of wood and other materials.

The craftsmen of Nizamabad town are skilled in producing the cut work panels. Firstly, fine quality wood is procured for making these beautiful wooden panels and the local artisans are known for their mastery in selecting the right quality of wood. Usually wood that doesn’t rot, and dry is chosen for making these panels. Then the task of cutting the wood as per the right size is taken up followed by carving the platform, fine edges and the enclosure-like platform where the idols of gods and goddesses are fixed.

This art is very popular in Nizamabad and some of the surrounding villages where many craftsmen take up the work, delivering some of the best cut work panels. The panels are usually of a standard size, according to the requirements of customers. Some of them are additionally varnished, coated with attractive paint and fixed with decolam sheets to usher a more attractive look.

The panels are indeed masterpieces because it is not a plain structure, as every aspect of the panel work has to be carved aesthetically in right proportion and accurate angels, for the perfect and desired finish. The carvings of pillar-like supports have to be strong, yet they are also designed to look sleek, for an attractive look. A host of features are given great care and attention for a wonderful finish for these cut work panels of Nizamabad.