Created by weavers in the famous temple town of Mangalagiri in Guntur district of AP, the dress materials and other weaving materials made here from fine quality cotton and silk are popular all over the world. These are made with a rich and exquisite combination of borders, designs as well as colours.

The attractive and popular cotton dress materials is a reflection of the artistic excellence of the centuries-old handloom traditions of Mangalagiri, which are weaved in finesse. The creative, skilled weavers of Mangalagiri town mostly use natural dyes for weaving sarees. The sarees and dress materials of this temple town are in great demand all over and are even exported widely. The process of creating the right yarn for these special sarees is an exclusive skill of the local weavers here, who have mastered the technique over the course of many decades. Mangalagiri sarees are known for their intricate and rich designs that are simple yet classy. The cotton sarees of Mangalagiri are quite popular among the South Indian women, with the border designs adding a charming elegance. There are wide variety of options to choose from for buyers in Mangalagiri sarees, which are appealing with many colours and attractive designs that can be worn by women of all ages. These sarees are famous for the traditional appeal while Mangalagiri cotton is always considered synonymous with rich quality, classic look and durability.