Kurtis are widely popular among women for their elegant appearance and look. Mangalagiri in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh is renowned all over for its exclusive handlooms. The weaving tradition of this temple town is known for producing some of the finest quality cotton of impeccable finish. The weavers make use of this cotton handlooms to create Kurtis of different colours, which makes them popular among buyers.

Mangalagiri Kurtis look remarkable with a great element of charm. These are simply adorable, and captures the heart of women, who adorn them. The colours blend easily with the Kurtis and appear rich with a classy finish. Some of these Kurtis feature Nirmal Paintings, which adds an extra element of attraction, and can be comfortably worn by women in all seasons.

These also constitute an exclusive collection, as women prefer Mangalagiri handlooms, which is a renowned brand since decades. The Kurtis are brilliant and exude charm with superior weaving tradition, that makes them handlooms of choice. The cotton fabric makes these Kurtis quite popular for buyers of every generation even as Kurtis have become common in their wardrobes.