Toys have always captured our imagination from a long time. Highly decorated wooden toys are quite popular as most of them are hand-made by craftsmen, who excel in the art of creating such special toys, which appeal to buyers and collectors from all over the world.

Right from colours used to the unique crafting done, Jaipur toys are always special. The process of crafting begins with the type of wood selected. Artisans choose a special wood, which is of high quality and relatively free from pests. The wood is then cut into small pieces, which makes it convenient for preparing toys.

The toys created represent different animal and human figurines and the set of musician toys represent excellence in art, marked by different colours and shapes, making these toys very attractive. Creating hand crafted toys is a skill, which is quite challenging to master and hence only a select community of artisans in Jaipur, Rajasthan take up this art. They are experts in making identical set of toys, adorned with multi colours. The toys are given a traditional Rajput look, with a moustache, and other attributes, making the musician figure look lively and attractive. The colours used to make these toys are derived from natural sources and these are applied after the wood is crafted to make the desired toy. Jaipur toys are quite popular as they add a unique charm, which is simply unbeatable in the world of wooden handicrafts.