Brassware, the Pride of Pembarthi

Telangana region needs no special introduction for its popular and unique handicrafts and art works. The popularity of metal crafts is well known as they have a uniqueness of their own. Metal craft is one of Indian’s ancient crafts, which have existed from thousands of years. Metal and metal alloys like Bronze & Brass have been used since ages. Pembarthi Metal Craft is a popular metal handicraft made in Pembarthi village of Warangal district.


Pembarthi is situated about 80 km from Hyderabad, and widely known for the special sheet metal art works. The intricate sheet metal brass engravings and artefacts made here can be traced back to more than 800 years. The region has witnessed glory during the period of the Kakatiya dynasty which had spanned 500 years.

Rich History

Pembarthi has a rich history of outstanding workmanship of the Metal workers i.e. vishwakarmas. Subsequently, the process of Sheet metal workmanship became popular as it adorned the vigrahas (statues) as well as chariots of several Hindu temples. With great patronage accorded to temples in Kakatiya kingdom, the Pembarthi sheet metal work attracted attention from all over the country.

Since most of the ancient temples in Telangana region were built under the patronage of the Kakatiya rulers, these temples bear the signature style of Pembarthi craftsmen. The metal craft reached the pinnacle of perfection following the higher degree of skills that were displayed by the master craftsmen. The Vishwakarmas of the region were renowned for their rare skills in this form of metal sculpture. It is also known popularly as the Pembarthi Brassware. It has become an essential artefact in every handiwork exhibition and has also become synonymous with Telangana’s artistic heritage.


Pembarthi craftsmen subsequently evolved their art style during Muslim rule, and decorated individual items such as betel nut cases or paandaans, perfume containers or Ittar pots, hanging metal Chandeliers or Jhummars, vases, special plaques and mementos. The skill survived in post-independence era and now it has witnessed resurgence. There has been more emphasis now on the utilitarian aspect apart from the exotic appeal. The craft form has received the prestigious Geographical Indication, which is indeed an honour for the craft.