Artistic Creations of Exotic Wood

Exotic handicrafts derived from rare plant species and wood, makes Indian handicrafts always special. Here’s a unique collection of handicrafts, idols and other artifacts created through Red Sandalwood, also called as Red Sanders. It is an endangered species found only in certain forest areas of South India.

What makes Red Sanders so special?

Red Sanders is a unique and rare form of wood, considered as the pride of India. The growth of this tree species in extremely slow and it takes some decades to gain the right thickness. The deep red-colour of this wood and its sturdy properties makes it more special. Moreover, Red sandalwood also doesn’t lose its shape or uniformity under harsh temperatures and humidity.

Red Sanders and the products made from this wood is in huge demand especially in countries such as China and Japan, where it is also used for making musical instruments, furniture, sculptures etc. South India has some of the most extensive forest areas which is home to lakhs of Red Sandalwood plantations.

The Popularity and Appeal of Red Sanders

The Handicraft items which are made from Red sanders are always in great demand. The main reasons for its popularity are the antiquity of the material as well as the traditional designs that are finely and specially engraved on them.

Wooden handicrafts add an extra element of attraction for office places, living spaces and for home decoration. Red Sandalwood and Sandalwood handicrafts have a special appearance and elegance wherein the exquisite look adds an element of artistic finesse. Various handicrafts are made with Red Sandalwood attracting art lovers, collectors and customers from all over the world.

Wide Range of Handicrafts

An attractive range of wooden decorative items are made using the Red Sandalwood by highly skilled workers with great expertise in the handicraft domain. There are many items made using this endangered species such as wooden box, wooden temples, wooden crafts, handcrafted jewelry boxes wooden trays, wooden articles, wooden gift boxes, as well as red sandalwood beads, few jewelry items, divine idols, pooja items and many more. These products are finely made under proper guidance of experts, and the shining surface of the red sandalwood products also ushers an elegant appearance.Wooden handicrafts sector in India is a highly growing industry mainly owing to the huge decorative products range which is made exclusively for wooden home decoration. The items made of red sandalwood are chosen widely as it is considered to be good for skin and health. Some of the best quality décor and precious handcrafts made of Red Sandalwood are available for customers.

The novelty of Red Sandalwood products has always made our country a leading handicraft destination in the world and in this regard, these products have created a vast export potential. Overall, these occupy a pride of place among the wide variety of handicraft items which are made in India.The sheer elegance of the red sandalwood products makes it an attractive souvenir which can be gifted on special occasions and events.