Enticing Pieces of Delight!

The world of arts and handicrafts represents a great saga of traditions and historical legacy, which is associated with each particular region. India, in general and Telangana in particular are known for the impressive range of lacquer ware and stone studded jewelry that enthralls on lookers.

The term lacquer is used generally for many hard and shiny finishes, which are applied to materials like wood. Based on the extent of application, shine, color and the objects they are used for, they fall into a number of different groups. The term lacquer originates from the ancient Sanskrit language, where the word lākshā represents the number 100,000. This is a reference used for the lac insect (due to their enormous number) and also its resinous secretions, which is rich in shellac produced by the Lac insect. Lac has been used from a long time for the purpose of wood finish and toy making in the Indian sub continent while it is also used extensively to create adorable pieces of jewelry for women.

In Hyderabad and certain other parts of India, lac is used widely for creating stunning jewelry. Laad bazaar in Old city of Hyderabad is quite famous for lac bangles, ear tops and other articles that continues to attract buyers from a very long time. Laad Bazaar is a very old market considered popular for bangles in Hyderabad. It is located on one of the four major through fares emerging from the historic Charminar.

Laad Bazaar is a major market for bangles and is popular for bangles, semi-precious stones, pearls, and metal jewelry, lacquer bangles studded with stones, traditional Khara Dupattas, and perfumes. There are stone studded ear tops, black metal ear tops, metal bangles with enamel work and stone studded lacquerware bangles available here. The different colors and shades of lacquer add a great element of delight, which makes these articles extra special. Moreover, the artistic designs makes these jewelry one-of-its-kind, in India. The narrow lane of Laad Bazaar is filled with bangle shops and old buildings with hanging wooden balconies. The stone studded bangles, lacquer wear bangles and metal bangles also enjoy a great demand in the Middle East from where visitors usually arrive here to buy them in bulk. Apart from Laad Bazaar, there are other pockets of artisan community in Hyderabad and Telangana, adept in creating absolutely cherished pieces of jewelry, made out of metals, black metal, lac and other raw materials. Ear tops, bangles are some of the most popular forms of jewelry worn by women and there are quite a few varieties, which appeals to them.