Panel Works, Rich in Artistic Appeal!

Hand-made wood works have been the mainstay of handicrafts produced in India, from a very long time. Telangana region is considered a resourceful and blessed region with the inimitable expertise of several craftsmen, who create some of the best and finest wooden panels. The availability of wood of diverse quality and sources, has made the region a thriving hub of skilled craftsmen, who have proved their mettle through woodwork.

Wooden furniture and wooden carvings add an element of beauty and creative touch to our living spaces and homes. These panels are used widely for divine and puja purposes in our homes, temples, offices, ashrams, and other places.

The town of Nizamabad is well-known since decades, for its association with cut work panels, made of wood and other materials. The wood work created here has been inspired by the art that has been thriving since centuries in Nirmal town, located not that far away from Nizamabad!

Process of Making Wooden Panels

The craftsmen of Nizamabad town are skilled in producing the cut work panels, by following a series of steps!

  • • Firstly, fine quality wood is procured for making these beautiful wooden panels and the local artisans are known for their mastery in selecting the right quality of wood.
  • • Wood pieces that are dry and doesn’t decay, is used for making these panels.
  • • Then the task of cutting the wood as per the right size is taken up. This depends on the final output that has to be created.