Captivating Pieces of Brass Art

Brassware is quite popular as handicrafts made of Brass are considered highly attractive, artistic and they are also attributed religious importance for rituals. Metal and some of the metal alloys like Bronze and Brass have been used right from the ancient times for making small and large vessels for the purpose of storage or decoration.

In Telangana, popular metal handicrafts using Brass are made in Pembarthi of Warangal district, widely known for the exquisite sheet metal art works. The art of Brassware witnessed glory during the period of the Kakatiya dynasty which had spanned for 500 years in Telangana. The state has a rich history of outstanding workmanship of the Metal workers or the “Vishwakarmas” who create visually delightful brassware.

The process of Sheet metal workmanship became popular as it adorned the vigrahas (statues) as well as vahanas (chariots) of several Hindu temples. With great patronage accorded to temples in Kakatiya kingdom, the metal work attracted attention from all over the country. The metal craft reached the pinnacle of perfection following the higher degree of skills that were displayed by the master craftsmen.
Over the years, the craftsmen creating Brassware also evolved their art style and created individual items such as betel nut cases or paandaans, perfume containers or Ittar pots, hanging metal Chandeliers or Jhummars, vases, special plaques and mementos. There are even lamps, flower vases, kalasams, pedants and many other objects created of varied sizes and shapes using Brass. These captivate the attention of buyers, for their shine and outstanding look.