A Unique Weaving Tradition of Telangana!

Siddipet, a district headquarters in the state of Telangana is renowned for temples as well as traditional looms. The uniqueness of these weaves lies in the transfer of the unique design and colour onto warp and weft threads. These are then weaved together.

Taking pride in the exclusive weaving traditions, Siddipet weave is popularly called the tie and dye weave. The fabric used for weaving purpose in Siddipet is pure cotton. The colours derived from natural sources and related blends are used in this weaving. The major handloom variety of Siddipet was Gollabama Saree with exclusive Butta designs earlier but now the trend has been changing after adopting the Pochampally variety. In the handlooms of Siddipet, the process of dyeing is tie and dye technique where the warp and weft are tie-dyed before these are weaved for creating unique designs on finished fabric.

Siddipet handlooms are renowned for the durability of the colours that are being used in the yarn. The precision of wrapping is the key for obtaining clarity in terms of design. After the process of wrapping is done, these warp threads are dyed.

The handlooms of Siddipet are hand-woven, and the frame looms are mostly used for weaving. The cotton sarees of Siddipet region is a remarkable tradition that has brought a lot of fame to this town. The handlooms represent rich tradition and with the advent of e-commerce and social media, the tradition is regaining its prominence and the weavers here are hopeful of a strong revival of the trade involving Siddipet handloom sarees. In addition to sarees, the handlooms also produce towels, bed sheets, pillow covers, and other cloth material used for decorative as well as interior purposes in homes.

The cotton sarees created here are popular all over and many weavers are now modernizing their looms and creating good market with expos and exhibitions. There is a growing interest among the customers towards choosing handloom varieties in the current era and this revival of interest and patronage is being seen as an advantage for Siddipet handlooms.