Renowned Handloom Tradition of a Temple Town

India is world renowned for the astounding varieties of sarees and dress materials created in various handloom clusters and towns in the country. The temple town of Mangalagiri in Guntur district of AP is not only famous for its Vaishnava temple of Narasimha swami, but it is also home to exquisite hand-woven sarees and other attractive handlooms.

The highly skilled weavers of Mangalagiri use natural dyes to weave sarees and dress materials that commands a very good demand all over. These sarees are also of export quality. The process of creating the yarn for sarees is exclusive to the weavers here, who have mastered the craft for many decades.

Mangalagiri sarees are known for their intricate designs which are simple and classy. This makes them popular among South Indian women who are quite fond of the special border designs that add elegance and a special look.

There are a wide range of options for buyers to choose in Mangalagiri sarees. They are available in wide varieties of colours and different designs which is suitable for women of all ages.

From plain sarees for everyday use to exclusively created sarees for special occasions, Mangalagiri sarees find wide appeal. These sarees are cherished by women particularly for its traditional and homely appearance. Moreover, there are hundreds of designs and varieties to choose from. The attractive handlooms, created by weavers of Mangalagiri represents the creative excellence of age-old weaving tradition.