Artistic Expressions of Tribal Origin

Our country is endowed with a rich tribal culture. Despite the pace of modernization, many of our unique traditions are still intact. Tribal Jewellery is especially known for its earthy charm. Since they are different from other conventionally made jewellery items, the rare nature of ethnic jewelry is greatly admired.

Tribal jewellery communicates a lot regarding the status of the individual who wears it since these represent the socio-cultural traditions of those tribal groups. Tribal jewellery integrates materials available in nature like leaves, berries, claws, feathers, leather, flowers, and others to create majestic pieces of art, which are delightfully wearable.

Grass, cane, and natural beads makes the ornaments created by tribes outstanding among the rest. Even to this day, many tribes in India adorn traditional ornaments created using copper, glass, peacock feathers silver, wood, and also wild flowers. Some of the nomadic groups adorn colorful ornaments. These are embossed with coins, beads, shells, and metallic mesh making them quite distinguishable.

These are varieties available like Banjara jewellery and even Rajasthani silverware, wherein the jewels are decorated with colorful beads and tinkling silver bells. Red coral beads and thin glass fluted stems are used by few tribes for making ornate necklaces, bracelets, earrings, trinkets and belts along with other aesthetic looking jewellery. There are few other tribes that use metals like silver, gold, brass and aluminum for creating beautiful braids, ear piercings and nose piercings.

The tribal jewellery is also known for its vivid colors, unique geometric designs and unconventional look which appeals to buyers and collectors. Their unique look has even made them a part of hip-hop culture while others accord heritage value to it. They are affordable on the pocket and considered a big hit with the fashionistas. The increasing popularity of Tribal ornaments have made them wardrobe staples these days.