Special Durries, Featuring Kalamkari Prints

Handlooms been a part of households in South India. The women of South India’s traditional families are always the best when it comes to choosing the right handloom that suits living rooms, drawing rooms and bed rooms, isn’t it?

Well, Durries represent a form attractive handloom, used widely in home and office spaces, which adds an extra element of delight for the rooms. Durries have always been an important element of handlooms and those made of Kalamkari are considered quite special and attractive. The novel yet traditional print patterns makes them most sought after.

Kalamkari represents the art of painting cotton fabrics with a kalam i.e. pen, involving a sharp pointed pierced bamboo regulating the flow of colour on the fabric. The popularity of this special form of painting reached the shores of AP in 17th and 18th centuries, while the major art forms are Srikalahasthi and Machilipatnam Kalamkari. Srikalahasthi Kalamkari represents a style of Kalamkari work, related to the dyed hand-painting of fabrics.

The highlight of this craft lies in the richness of these colours, produced as a result of natural dye absorption through a special mordant dyeing process. Created by hundreds of artisans, the collection of these handlooms represents an attractive assortment of decorative Kalamkari Durries. The Durrie making industry has gained more prominence in the recent past. The popularity of the Durries has encouraged many weavers to take up production of Durries as they command a wide market all over.

The patterns as well as the designs keep changing in tune with customer preferences, popularity as well as the trendy designs that are in vogue for a period of time. Kalamkari block prints on plain woven Durries have also gained importance in the market in the recent times. The Durries are also used as mats for special occasions and for religious purposes by customers, for their quality, attractiveness and artistic finesse.

There are many weavers and manufactures involved in the export, manufacture as well as supply of the best range of these exclusive Durries which command a special place among other handlooms due to its durability and the simple yet attractive Kalamkari print patterns.